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Dione's Pick: Code Red by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills

Mitch Rapp crosses into war-torn Syria at the behest of a powerful crime lord to determine who is manufacturing a highly addictive new narcotic in the latest addition to the long-running series following Oath of Loyalty.

Code Red is book 22 in the ongoing Mitch Rapp series and it doesn’t disappoint fans. Rapp owes a favor to a lethal enemy and it’s time to repay it. Damian Losa requires Rapp to infiltrate what appears to be a Syrian government drug operation. As Rapp fights his way through the bad guys, he realizes that everything they thought they knew was wrong. Now it’s up to Rapp to take down the enemy alone.

READ THIS BOOK! This was another riveting tale in the saga that is Mitch Rapp’s life. I actually listened to the audiobook narrated by Steven Weber. Weber took over narration duties from longtime narrator George Guidall. Weber’s narration of the story drew me in and placed me squarely in the action. This book is all about Rapp. There are instances here and there where our beloved secondary characters were mentioned, but it’s a Rapp novel. Mills’ use of asymmetrical warfare was enlightening. It gave me a whole new way to think about the world. Rapp is such a complex, dynamic character that the reader can’t help but root for him. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book and can’t wait for the next one.

This was Kyle Mills last installment of the Mitch Rapp legacy by Vince Flynn. Mills took over the character after Vince Flynn passed away and wrote books 14-22. Mills is handing the baton to fellow author, Don Bentley. The legacy will live on, which is wonderful news for fans like me!

Code Red is available at your library in print and on cloudLibrary in eBook and eAudiobook formats. Happy Reading!

- Dione, Area Librarian


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