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The mission of the Lafourche Parish Public Library is to provide the residents of Lafourche Parish access to books and other resources that will inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities while embracing the rich heritage and vibrant future of our parish. We are a unique organization that strives to give back to the communities that we love.


Our libraries have evolved a great deal since we opened over 80 years ago. Libraries started out as repositories for books but today we are so much more! We are a cornerstone in the educational process, providing engaging opportunities for all communities throughout Lafourche Parish. We deliver equal opportunity, quality education for all citizensStrong libraries build strong communities and educational growth is essential for a vital economy.


We have books in print as well as electronic books and audio books. We continually strive to keep our collections up to date as well as provide historical and genealogy materials that are important to our heritage. We now have computers (PC and Mac) and iPads for patron use, as well as Lego tables, X-Box gaming systems, and programs for all ages. Our extensive DVD collection remains popular at all of our branches. We focus on the individual experiences in our libraries not just the transaction.


Along with the opportunity to be important in so many lives comes the obligation to continue to stay relevant and vital to our communities. This has become especially important in this rapidly changing world of new technology, shifting economies and information overload. Lafourche Parish Public Library is fortunate to possess the essential ingredients to make this library system a success – fantastic customers, educated staff, unique collections and amazing ideas.


As Library Director, I have the honor of leading this library system into the future along with our amazing Board of Directors. The future of libraries is an amazing and evolving endeavor. Technology is at the forefront in people’s lives and therefore it is important to us at the library that we help bring in as many technological advances as possible to allow all residents to experience and learn with the library.


We partner with area schools to continue to support the educational experiences for all ages. I truly love my position as your Library Director and will continue to strive to meet your needs as we take this library system into the future! I envision a library system that can stand up to any in the state and come out on top and that is because of who we serve - the best customers in the State of Louisiana!


I hope you share my enthusiasm and excitement about the future of Lafourche Parish Library.  With your support we will continue to inspire imaginations, satisfy curiosity, broaden educational experiences and provide a comfortable place for all to visit.

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Laura Sanders, Library Director


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