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Crystal's Pick: A Thousand Miles to Graceland by Kristen Mei Chase

Accountant Grace Johnson can't escape the feeling that her life is on autopilot-until her husband announces he's done with their marriage. Grace has a choice: wallow in humiliation...or grant her mother's seventieth birthday wish with a road trip Graceland. Now the two are hightailing it from El Paso to Memphis, leaving a trail of sequins, false eyelashes, and painful memories in their wake. Between spontaneous roadside stops to psychics, wig mishaps, and familiar passive-aggressive zingers, Grace is starting to better understand her Elvis-obsessed mama and their own fragile connection. But after all these years, will it ever bepossible for them to heal the hurts of the past?

If you’re ready for an adventurous road trip filled with witty humor, a little romance, and a few emotional moments, hop into the purple convertible with Grace and her mother, Loralynn, as they cruise from El Paso to Memphis in A Thousand Miles to Graceland by Kristen Mei Chase.

Grace has been thrown a curveball during a marital counseling session when she finds out that her husband is a hound dog. He’s met someone else and wants to end the marriage. So, when Elvis-obsessed Loralynn suggests a road trip to Graceland for her seventieth birthday, Grace reluctantly decides to go. Their not so peachy keen mother-daughter relationship has Grace anticipating the worst. But as the miles roll by, secrets are revealed, past hurts are mended, and broken hearts are repaired. You can’t help falling in love with this zany and heartwarming adventure. So, slip on your blue suede shoes and let’s head out to Graceland!

- Crystal, Technical Services Librarian


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