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Brooke's Pick: Margo's Got Money Troubles by Rufi Thorpe

A young woman attempts to navigate adulthood, new motherhood and her meager bank account in our increasingly online world.

Rufi Thorpe obviously needs to be added to my favorite authors list because after reading her two latest novels - The Knockout Queen and Margo’s Got Money Troubles - and loving both of them, it is apparent she can do no wrong by me. Perhaps what I love most about Rufi’s books is that she writes stories that I have never heard before. As someone who works in a literary profession and who reads well over 100 books a year, you start to notice that some plotlines are just recycled over and over again with little variation. Not with Rufi Thorpe’s books though! Her novels are refreshingly unique and substantive, while also being wholly compelling.


Her newest novel, Margo’s Got Money Troubles, had already been optioned for a TV series before it was even been published, so that tells you that Rufi has something special here. And she indeed does, although potential readers should be warned that the content of this book may be deemed unsavory by some as it dives into the seedy corners of the internet by way of Only Fans.


The book follows college dropout Margo as she navigates life as a teenaged single mom, pregnant by none other than her professor. Margo is having a hard time supporting and caring for herself and her new son Bodhi, so on a whim, she turns to Only Fans to make some quick cash. The only problem is creating content that actually pays is no cake walk, and Margo is fast running out of ideas. In the meantime, she is surprised when her ex-professional wrestler father Jinx decides to move in with her to help out with Bodhi. Jinx was rarely around when Margo was growing up, but she takes comfort that he is in her life now, providing her fatherly advice and support. But who would have thought that his advice would extend to her Only Fans account? While Jinx doesn’t necessarily approve of the way Margo is making money, he still has some ideas for how she can grow her following … and they are all rooted in pro wrestling philosophy.


When Margo puts some of Jinx’s theories to the test, she finds that her dad actually knows what he is talking about, and she soon finds herself going viral. But as they say, more money, more problems. More subscribers means more eyes on her account and body, which means there’s a greater chance Margo will be recognized and outed. Is Margo willing to risk it all to make a quick dollar?


Margo’s Got Money Troubles is a book for the modern age with more and more women turning to Only Fans to make ends meet. Both a piece of thought-provoking social commentary and a hilarious coming-of-age-the-hard-way novel, Margo’s Got Money Troubles is an authentically engaging read. Rufi Thorpe has a gift for writing intriguing characters and inserting them into even more intriguing plots. You’ll find yourself rooting for Margo and her crew, while at the same time holding your breath when you realize the mess she has gotten herself into.


A quirky, unconventional standout, Margo’s Got Money Troubles is recommended to readers who love offbeat books and films. - Brooke, Public Relations Librarian


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