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Laura's Pick: Everyone Here is Lying by Shari Lapena

A father who had been having an affair that just ended badly discovers his difficult daughter unexpectedly home from school and loses his temper, ultimately discovering he's not the only one harboring secrets when she goes missing several hours later.

Everyone in this story has a hidden secret they do not want to come out. Dr. William Wooler is no exception. He finishes his day at the usual hotel with Nora. He and Nora have been having an affair for a while and although he is all in, Nora feels guilty and calls it off. Heartbroken, William comes home hoping to have the house to himself. Instead he discovers his young daughter, Avery, at home alone having been kicked out of after-school music class for her erratic and uncontrollable bad behavior. Avery’s parents don’t know how to handle her and William has a short fuse this afternoon. When Avery gives her dad attitude, William slaps her hard enough to make her fall to the ground. He immediately apologizes and leaves the house to cool off leaving  Avery at home alone. Or is she?  His wife frantically calls him later to let him know that their daughter Avery is missing. She is nowhere to be found and when the police ask William if he saw her that afternoon he says no. Before long he comes their primary suspect. Where is Avery?


Shari Lapena is a master at suspenseful novels. This one doesn’t disappoint. Everyone has a secret, but who took Avery may be the biggest secret of all. There are twists and turns that I never saw coming! One of my favorite psychological thrillers so far this year.

- Laura, Library Director


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