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Crystal's Pick: Winds of Change by Jo Grafford

The cowboy bad boy who broke her heart years ago and the career opportunity that offers them a second chance at happily-ever-after?

Winds of Change, Jo Grafford’s first book in her Heart Lake series, is heartwarming, adventurous, and suspenseful.  This book has everything you’d want in a small-town Texas romance. 

When Hope Remington moves back to Heart Lake as the high school principal, she is faced with the challenge of uniting the students from two rival high schools on the same campus.  She also discovers her former boyfriend, Josh, is the head of security at the school which means they will be interacting with each other more than she expected.  Hope is still recovering from a heartbreaking misunderstanding between her and Josh that occurred 10 years ago, and the town is recovering from a devastating tornado. 

Healing and recovery are the major themes throughout this book.  If you enjoy heartwarming, small-town romances mixed with some drama and suspense, I encourage you to begin reading this series.  Winds of Change is the first book in this eleven-book and counting series.

- Crystal, Technical Services Librarian


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