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Brooke's Pick: Bye, Baby by Carola Lovering

From the author of the Hulu sensation Tell Me Lies comes a novel about female friendship, a missing baby, and the toxic, secret history between two women.

It is settled. Carola Lovering is my new favorite author, having read every one of her books and loving them all. Bye, Baby, her newest release, is her best one yet, toeing the line between love and hate, dark and light, friends and enemies. This deeply absorbing, emotionally evocative novel is a tribute to teenage friendship and how it molds and shapes us, while also exploring how those relationships which once felt so sound and unbreakable have a way of changing shape as we ourselves grow and change.


Billie West and Cassie Barnwell were best friends. Were. But now Cassie Barnwell is Cassidy Adler, wife to a trust fund baby with a new baby of her own, and an emerging influencer and fashion curator to boot. Billie obsessively watches Cassie from the screen of her phone, effectively shut out of Cassie's new and sparkling life now that she is rich and famous.


Billie wonders what happened to the Cassie that she grew up with - they were once inseparable, but now feel like strangers. Billie would do anything to get back into Cassie's life ... including kidnapping her baby. That's right. Billie kidnaps Cassie's daughter in a moment of panic and desperation, and now she has to live with the consequences. But consequences sometimes come back to us in unexpected and unconventional ways, as Billie is soon to discover.


Bye, Baby is a knockout. Lovering is incredibly gifted when it comes to writing people. She gets them and all of their intimately dark and selfish motivations and machinations. She is so talented at exposing flawed people for who they are while also making them feel wholly human and sympathetic. No other author's books make me feel and think so much, while also keeping me thoroughly entertained through every single page. If you know Lovering and love Lovering, don't miss Bye, Baby. - Brooke, Public Relations Librarian


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