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Heather's Pick: A Story No One Has Ever Heard Before by Avi Steinberg

Once upon a time there was a story no one has ever heard before, inspired by a carrot on the run, a knight who’d trade his sword for a pal, and an alien who just wants to get some rest and relaxation. It’s a story about how to tell a story.

As a huge fan of metafiction picture books, I was drawn to A Story No One Has Ever Heard Before by Avi Steinberg, but as a former teacher and novice writer, I felt compelled to share it.

This story puts the reader at the forefront and has them create a story without realizing it. The narrator tells the reader that they will not be telling the story; that the reader will, all while covertly teaching the reader story elements such as characters, settings, problems, and solutions.

The story has the reader choose each one of these elements from three very interesting examples including a school-attending carrot, an adventurous alien, and a knight who is not so keen on fighting. Colorful cartoon-like illustrations and thought bubbles create a graphic novel feel within a normal picture book. The simple, easy-to-understand dialogue creates explanations of the elements in a way that students will be able to grasp without realizing it.

This is a great book for ELA teachers to use in the classroom as a unique way to teach and help students understand story elements. It is also enjoyable for the whole family and would make a great read aloud bedtime story and a catalyst for families or children to create their own stories because as the book says, "I can’t wait to see what you come up with…” - Heather, Branch Manager


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