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Dione's Pick: The Cookie That Changed My Life by Nancy Silverton

The eagerly anticipated baking bible from America's most respected authority: 100+ recipes for cookies, cakes, breads, breakfast pastries, and much more.

The pandemic impacted many things and one of those things is how world-renowned chef, Nancy Silverton thought about desserts. Silverton used her time in lockdown to reimage and tweak over 100 of our favorite dessert recipes. Most recipes are beloved from childhood, but a few might be new to you.

Silverton states in the book that “Each recipe stands on its own, containing all the detail even the most novice baker needs to get the results. I do not send you to another page for sub recipes, 'master classes,' or 'definitions.' I put all that information in the recipes.”

Since all the information is included, most recipes are over two pages long and some have a photo to accompany it. Chapters include: Baked Goods for Breakfast, Cookies, Casual Cakes, Dressed-Up Cakes and Cupcakes, Pies and Tarts, Seasonal Fruit Desserts, and Bread Basket. For the newbie, there is a very thorough tools and equipment description in the introductory section that spans twenty pages.

As a fan of Nancy Silverton, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The thought that went into creating this book is stunning. Each ingredient was considered with much deliberation. I also enjoyed the short personal introduction to every recipe. Most recipes were very easy to follow with easily attainable ingredients. I love it when I can throw together a dessert from what I already have in my pantry. The one thing I missed in this book was a picture for every recipe. Since you can borrow this book for FREE at our library, I highly recommend you check it out!

The Cookie that Changed My Life is available at your library in print and on cloudLibrary in eBook format. Happy Reading! - Dione, Area Librarian



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