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March 2024: Blogging with Shannon

Did you know that March is one of two months out of the year in which you can have your fines forgiven?

Though libraries generally operate on a goodwill system that counts on patrons to return books, sometimes this just doesn’t happen. Whether because of forgetfulness, a lack of time, or even not having the means to access the library at the time, many patrons are unable to return their books on time, and typically, this incurs a fine. However, LPPL in March and September waive these fines entirely. Strangely enough, it actually seems to result in more books being returned overall.

Fine forgiveness allows LPPL to retain patrons and make knowledge available and easily accessible for anyone. As free access to information and knowledge is the purpose at the very heart of our library we encourage patrons to take advantage of Fine Forgiveness month.

*No fines will be charged for most items returned late during March and September. Fines for the following items are not included: Adventure Kits, Hotspots, iPads, Laptops, Launchpads, Nooks, Playaways, Views, and Video Games. You can pay for a lost item by bringing in non-perishable food and grocery items or pet food. These items will be donated to local food banks and animal shelters. You can ask at the library desk or check here to see how many items you will need to bring to cover your costs. - Shannon, Assistant Director


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