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Have you heard about Lafourche Parish Public Library’s Fine Forgiveness Month Program?  Every March and September, you can clear your fines AND help your community, all while enjoying the services and resources of your Lafourche Parish Public Library.

Throughout the months of March and September, library fines and lost item charges can be cleared from your account if you make a non-perishable food & grocery or pet food donation at any of our nine branches. 

We love Fine Forgiveness Month because it gives our customers a chance to clear their fines and help their community at the same time! Another bonus is no one gets charged fines for items returned late during Fine Forgiveness Month (some exclusions apply - see list of excluded items in the next section.) So that DVD or book that is a couple years late? Bring it back fine-free!

How to Get Started:

  • Stop by or call your home branch. We will check your account & let you know how many non-perishables or cans/bags of pet food you need to bring in to wipe those fines off your account & get back to using the best card in your wallet – your library card!  You can also check out our donation chart below.
  • Gather your donation and bring it to the Customer Service Desk at any of our branches – we’ll take care of the fines, and after that, you can check out items again that day!
  • Your food donations must not be expired, so check the expiration dates before bringing you items in.
  • Fines for the following items are not included in this program and cannot be forgiven: Hotspots, iPads, Laptops, Launchpads, Nooks, Playaways, Views, and Video Games.
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How Many Items Do I Need to Bring In to Clear My Fines?

Check out our suggested donation chart below to determine how many items you need to bring in to clear your fines. 
Donation are based upon the amount of fines owed.  Other types of donations and/or amounts may be acceptable. Speak to staff at your home branch if you are interested in donating outside of this chart.
Fine Forgiveness Chart.png
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Are You Ready to be a Hero?

It's no wonder Fine Forgiveness Month is so popular with our patrons - what's better than clearing your fines AND helping your community?  All of your donations go to local food banks and animal shelters, which are always in need of replenishment.
No matter if the dog ate your library book, your car swallowed up the DVDs you checked out (with kids, it happens, we know), or you got so caught up in the book you’re reading that you completely forget that it was due last week, don’t worry - you’re not alone.

We’ve all experienced late fines or lost item charges on our library accounts, but here at Lafourche Parish Public Library, we don’t believe that those fines should haunt you forever. 
Take advantage of Fine Forgiveness Month every March and September! 

Contact us or chat in to see if you have fines on your account!

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