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Button Maker

User Guide

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What is it?

The Button Maker turns your print or hand-drawn designs into wearable buttons! Buttons may be pinned onto your t-shirt, backpack, jacket, and more. Button size is 2¼ inches.


What can I do?

Make buttons for gifts, parties, special occasions, or simply as a fashion statement.

What does the Makerspace provide?

  • Button Press - 2¼ inch buttons

  • Circle cutter

  • The metal parts of the button

    • 2¼ inches:  50 cents per button​

What do I need?

  • A design either printed or drawn

    • 10 cents per page for black and white printouts​

    • 50 cents per page for color printouts

What materials can I use?

Paper must be 20 lb. The button press will not work with card stock, photo paper, or construction paper.

Microsoft Word is great for beginners who need to resize an image.

Always have extra print outs or paper to practice cutting the circles. If the circle is not cut well, the button press will not work.


Reserve a Button Maker

  • Call (985) 447-4119 or email about your reservation.

    • Reservations are held for 15 minutes after the start time.​

    • Cardholder must be present during reservation.

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