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Katie's Pick: Guarded Treasure by Mae Lovette

Mae Lovette’s debut romance novel, Guarded Treasure, is a steamy opposites attract adventure that I could not put down.

Edith Taylor is an English librarian turned archeologist, determined to make a name for herself in the male dominated field of Egyptian archeology. During the time of Howard Carter’s King Tut discovery, Edith is determined to unlock the mysteries of the Cursed Tomb of Argo. She gets her big break when she’s hired as a translator at the infamous dig site in Argo. However, there’s one major problem—the former head of the crew: Benjamin Brooks. He’s an arrogant scoundrel with a shady past in grave robbing. Ben’s been demoted to Edith’s bodyguard. But the way he looks at Edith sets her on edge. The forced proximity of Edith and Ben having to work together at the tomb of Argo deepens their instant attraction. Will these opposites be able to break the curse on the tomb of Argo or will their passions get in the way?

As a fan of The Mummy movie franchise, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Edith and Ben are very reminiscent of Evie and Rick. Edith is a headstrong librarian, set on making a name for herself in Egypt and solving the mystery of the Cursed Tomb of Argo. Ben is a charming rogue, with questionable motives and morals. The novel is well paced, with early on romantic tension, and a compelling mystery of the cursed tomb. - Katie, Reference Librarian



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